Youth Day

On 25 May Maršal Casino celebrated Youth Day. Caps, gifts for our players and a great atmosphere throughout Serbia in all Maršal Casinos have become synonyms for this day.

Traditionally, I wear Maršal’s uniform every year. The enthusiastic faces of people on the streets show that the company is doing the right thing. All segments of society, our history, and the future are important to us.

Maršal is a brand that connects generations, launches fun, writes unfinished stories and returns positive energy. But this is just a beginning. I have much more to do in the future.  If you have not been our guests so far, I invite you to come to the nearest Maršal Casino. Let it go and experience something completely different!

When working, we do our best, and we understand the fun equally seriously. Life is a serious matter, but it’s an eternal game as well!

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Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 005
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 006
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 007
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