“Transmutation” at Balkan Cinema

When renovating Balkan Cinema we wished for the new space to be able to change and adapt, representing in a way a sort of a culture center. We wanted it to be open for experimentation, exploration and unencumbered artistic freedom. This is why we were extremely happy to assign, as a working space, part of the cinema to the street artist and architect Nikola Mihajlovic. During the last year Nikola has created at Balkan Cinema in a kind of an improvised atelier located in the attic of this historical venue.

Nikola Mihajlovic has been engaging in street art for over 10 years, later on combining it with artistic painting. He was the recipient of the first prize at the artistic competition „Voyage Bleu”, and he has exhibited his work at numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Currently he is occupied with a project called “Artificial Intelligence and art” in collaboration with the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade.

The solo exhibition “Transmutation”, where artwork created in the above mentioned space will be presented will open 1st April at Balkan Cinema. At the exhibition, Nikola Mihajlovic will present paintings inspired by meta space, extraordinary dimensions where energies and sentiments take the shapes of architectural forms. Nikola says that architectural thinking and approach to a specific issue have left a visible influence on his work, while, on the other hand, palpable is the inflow of untamed nature energy and emotion. This certainly is an interesting contrast that represents one of the key characteristics of the “Transmutation” exhibition.

The opening of the exhibit will last from 6PM to 8PM, in compliance with all health and safety measures. At 7:30PM a live performance will take place, one that, as Nikola points out, has the goal to transmit to the visitors a provocative message. Personally, I am waiting for this opening with great excitement. The exhibition will be available to the public through April.

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