The First MaxBet Conference: No change – no growth

The First MaxBet Conference called No change – no growth was held in April. For all these years of our existence, we have proven that hard work, effort and dedication are worthwhile. Of course, a little bit of luck was necessary. We spun the roulette cylinder and hit the number directly.

We have created a company consisting of over 2,000 employees. The company that has expanded its business beyond the borders of Serbia and Europe. The company that has an online business that has opened the new window to the world.

Our great concern is that our employees grow, develop and work on themselves together with  the company. MaxBet is developing and setting standards for the entire gaming industry.

Personally, I am very proud of my team, their smiling faces, devoted work, and their desire for progress and success have thrilled me. MaxBet is always with its people, and our goal is to grow as a family, empowered with the highest quality people. One of them is Minja Bolesnikov, our new CEO. Welcome! Thanks to all the guests and lecturers, who have shared their observations and experience from their path of success and development.

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