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MaxBet team at ICE Totally Gaming fair in London

ICE Totally Gaming is the largest and most influential international fair of games of chance I do not miss. Visiting this event for all of us in the entertainment industry and games of chance is important for following new trends, getting to know potential partners and development and improvement in general. The overall impression is that the trends in this branch have never changed faster. The fact is that the technological (r) evolution has brought us completely new moments, and it is little to say that I am thrilled with all the novelties I managed to see and experience with my MaxBet team in London.

During the three days, we visited numerous booths, attended panel discussions and seminars on the topic of modernization of games, the impact of blockchain on games of chance, game designs, responsible betting, as well as cybercrime and security risks in the field of online gambling. A particularly interesting part of the development of games was the psychology of players and the role of psychology in the future development of games of chance. In addition, a good deal of new contacts that we have made with people who have come to ICE Fair from all over the world is a chance for networking and potential partnerships. It is important to note that ICE Totally Gaming is a place attracted by over 30,000 people every year and among them managers of the largest casinos and casino groups in Europe.

In the end, we returned home richer for another trip that, with my great team, always turns into an adventure for a lifetime. In other words, nothing is as strong as team spirit!

Saša Marčeta

By opening of the headquarters in Belgrade we officially recognized the most important market in Serbia. After the start of Zrenjanin in the early 1990s and the relocation of the headquarters to Novi Sad, it was somewhat logical that the next step would be Belgrade. The motive for this move was, above all, the potential of a large market. Besides, we wanted to hire new people from this area, as well. Those already working in MaxBet team are satisfied with the space, and all the modern solutions that we have implemented in cooperation with architects. I personally think that the headquarters is a space I have always wanted for the company.

We have focused on the “open space” concept, so that the employees could have better communication and in this way further strengthen teamwork. The meeting room, although separated, is very transparent and enclosed with glass. The eco-friendly moment is also here with special waste sorting bins. During the day, the restaurant that completely resembles our “Kafemat” is available to everybody, as well as a special place to relax during the break. I am particularly pleased that employeesʹ children have their own corner and that, along with their parents, they can socialize and enjoy.

Suština je da zaposleni dolaze na posao inspirisani i sa više entuzijazma, i da u prostoru u kojem u proseku provode osam radnih sati, imaju i dovoljnu dozu komfora.

Last Friday we used the new space for celebrating the beginning of work in Belgrade, in the company of friends and longtime partners of the company. Those who know us know that no celebration can pass without top music, band, atmosphere .., after all – have a look. 😉

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Saša Marčeta

We are satisfied and ready for 2018

– „You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself“ – In one of the previous posts I wrote about the importance of having valuable and high-quality people in the team, those who are not motivated solely by the goals of the company, but also by the desire to personally advance. I think it’s equally important to consider yourself as a good team player and an individual who needs to develop on his own plan. Because if you have the feeling that you constantly give and create something to someone and that people use you, and at the same time you do not see all the space in which you can progress, over time such a feeling can turn into a kind of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction further leads to a bad atmosphere among people, unsatisfactory results, and in the end, nobody feels good. So, the point is from which angle we observe our personal possibilities. Of course, it is also important in what type of company and environment we work. There are no such “hard feelings” and limitation of personal development of employees in MaxBet. The measure of our team is to be (in the first place) a good person, not to know the boundaries of development and to have the attitude of “no hard feelings”. In such an atmosphere, as a founder, I have much greater responsibility to encourage people in the team, reward them for contributing to the development of the company and motivate them to always look ahead. I saw the end of the last business year as an excellent moment for the company to reward all the hard working employees with new cars. Their positive reactions to the delivery of the cars were sufficient satisfaction and confirmation for me that in the future they will all feel more comfortable and do the job they love more easily.
This is also an introduction to all investments that we expect in 2018, with the ultimate goal of further development and better positioning of the company on the market Colleagues, let all future drives be happy to you! Saša Marčeta
In addition to showing social responsibility in the form of financial aid to healthcare institutions, and support for successful athletes, the company MaxBet motivates its employees to express humanity. So, in the cities where our company operates, very often, the actions “Life is blood” are organized in which our employees voluntarily donate blood. This year, such actions were organized in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kruševac, Niš. Donate blood – it’s important!
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