Street art in Balkan Cinema

Art cannot be put in a mold, cannot be guided by rules, or framed. That is why the fact that, at the end of August, we opened the doors of Balkan Cinema to the artists shaping the local street art scene, is so important to me. Their art initially begins on the streets, but these days it was to be seen on the walls of Balkan cinema.

After the pause created by the situation we are all familiar with, the cinema was again pulsating with a specific energy – the energy of creation through the project “Balkan live”. For two days, street artists painted canvases, panels and the walls of Balkan cinema, and all interested citizens were welcomed to witness the creation process. The work created confirms just how interesting this scene is, a scene that has existed here for several decades and that is visibly vital, well organized and relevant. The urban spirit of street art develops together with the spirit of the city, which is why this branch of contemporary art is an ideal way to capture current emotions and the souls of people in time and space.

We believe that with this project we have taken a few more steps forward in terms of promoting those artists who show their talent and creativity in an innovative and fresh way. Because art can freely grow and develop only through the visions of innovators and new generations, to whom the Saša Marčeta Foundation and Balkan Cinema will always, with great interest, offer their space and support.

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