Safety of MaxBet family comes first

We at MaxBet group have a special way we view our relationship with our employees and players. We see all of our workers and their families as members of our MaxBet family. Furthermore, we consider our players as extended MaxBet family.

The task of keeping our extended MaxBet family safe and sound has become much harder. At the beginning of March, Serbia saw its first case of coronavirus. That was more than enough for us to start with first measures of prevention. Those measures included intensive disinfection procedures and frequent cleaning of MaxBet locations and educating employees about what to do to protect themselves.

When Serbian government announced the beginning of state of emergency on March 15th, we knew it was time for additional measures. All employees who can work from home were sent home. Workers whose jobs demand working outside of their homes were organized in shifts. We shortened work hours and included even more intensive disinfection procedures, and all employees that are a part of endangered groups were no longer working. All of these measures came natural to us, our management and all employees at MaxBet.

Still, the virus continued to spread in Serbia. That is why we decided on a move that changes all – on March 22nd we closed all of our betting locations.

Was it easy to make this decision? No.

Was it clear that this move will affect our profit? Yes.

Did we know that this is the only right way in the fight against coronavirus? Yes.

We achieved our goal in preventing further spread of the virus on our locations. But this move brought along a new fear among our workers – fear of losing their jobs. In these situations, those fears cannot be avoided. That is why we made another, and maybe the most important business decision of this year:

Not a single one of the 2.547 employees working within MaxBet group will not lose their jobs during the state od emergency. That decision will be respected no matter how long the pandemic lasts.

I always made sure that MaxBet is a place where every employee feels safe and respected, aware that we care about every individual. It is very important to me to know that no employee of ours goes to sleep worrying about their job stability and whether they will be able to take care of their families. We have been building that safe space for years and it remains one of our priorities, no matter the situation.

That is why we made all of these changes and decided to go on a path that is not easy, but is the only right path. Additional sign that we made a truly good decision was given to us by the Serbian government – weeks after we closed our betting locations the government  banned all working objects that gather people at one place, including betting places.

Special thanks to Blic, Telegraf, Večenje novosti, Kurir, Mondo and other media outlets that wrote about our measures of preventions and thus encouraged other companies to follow our example.

All of this shall pass, and until then it is up to all of us to play this game of life in a humane, wise and responsible way, because that is the only way we can get out of this situation stronger, braver and more ready for new challenges and new games.

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