Our Santa Max made children at the Departments of Hematology and Oncology happy

As a rule, the last days of the year are rather stressful. We analyze what we have achieved, check (again and again) whether the plans for the next year unmistakably lead us to the desired goal, and so in a circle. There is no dilemma all these are the obligations that must be completed. However, no matter how occupied with the work we are, there are many more positive things that we in MaxBet do not give up at any price.

Being aware of the responsibility towards the youngest, as well as of the fact that while we are dealing with calculations, they are eagerly awaiting Santa, we have decided to make this holiday a little different and nicer for them. Therefore, this year presents for children will be given by a different Santa Claus – Santa Max. For the kids of our employees, Santa is always an attraction, and every time they have a great time and go back home smiling we know we have succeeded. This year we have set up another goal – to visit the Institute for Health Protection of Child and Youth Health Care, Vojvodina, in Novi Sad. New Year’s presents were donated to children at the Departments of Hematology and Oncology and at the two Emergency Centres of the Institute. I want to believe that we have contributed just a little to make this year’s holidays more beautiful to them.

In the end, I need to remind you of one important thing. You cannot buy anybody with a gift, because you give a gift. In other words, the most expensive gifts are those given from your heart, not the most expensive ones.

Happy Holidays!

Saša Marčeta

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