New ARTmosphere in Prague

“ All you need is love. “ – John Lennon

Love is the driving force of everything, and my love for art is exactly the fundamental reason why I founded Saša Marčeta Foundation. 

In March, an event MEET ART was organized, bringing together artists from around the world to create a joint artwork on the Lennon Wall in Prague, on an area of ​​150m2.

In cooperation with the authors of the project “LASKA” (LOVE), the participants painted the entire wall, and one of the main motives was the title of John Lennon’s song “All you need is LOVE” which was translated into 30 world languages.

The oldest MEET ART participant was the sculptor Kurt Gebauer, the author of the symbolic heart in the square Vaclav Havel. Then artists Matej Forman, Matyash Chochola, Jakub Berdych, street artist ZEB ONE, students of the Michael art school, poets and writers, including creative economist Tomaš Sedlaček, as well as many others.

The Republic of Serbia was represented by Ksenija Samardžija, a curator and art historian, Verica Sujić, director of Saša Marčeta Foundation, and me personally.

The man responsible for mutual cultural and artistic connection and the future exchange and cooperation of our artists with the Czech Republic is Tomaš Kuhta, the new ambassador of the Czech Republic in Serbia.

The friendship between Serbia and the Czech Republic has become a part of history, and I am very proud that they have just chosen us!

Artmosfera Prag 2019 001
Artmosfera Prag 2019 002
Artmosfera Prag 2019 004
Artmosfera Prag 2019 007
Artmosfera Prag 2019 005
Artmosfera Prag 2019 006
Artmosfera Prag 2019 003
Artmosfera Prag 2019 008
Artmosfera Prag 2019 009
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