MaxBet team at ICE Totally Gaming fair in London

ICE Totally Gaming is the largest and most influential international fair of games of chance I do not miss. Visiting this event for all of us in the entertainment industry and games of chance is important for following new trends, getting to know potential partners and development and improvement in general. The overall impression is that the trends in this branch have never changed faster. The fact is that the technological (r) evolution has brought us completely new moments, and it is little to say that I am thrilled with all the novelties I managed to see and experience with my MaxBet team in London.

During the three days, we visited numerous booths, attended panel discussions and seminars on the topic of modernization of games, the impact of blockchain on games of chance, game designs, responsible betting, as well as cybercrime and security risks in the field of online gambling. A particularly interesting part of the development of games was the psychology of players and the role of psychology in the future development of games of chance. In addition, a good deal of new contacts that we have made with people who have come to ICE Fair from all over the world is a chance for networking and potential partnerships. It is important to note that ICE Totally Gaming is a place attracted by over 30,000 people every year and among them managers of the largest casinos and casino groups in Europe.

In the end, we returned home richer for another trip that, with my great team, always turns into an adventure for a lifetime. In other words, nothing is as strong as team spirit!

Saša Marčeta

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