Innovative artistic expression – VR film

The world change is unstoppable. Old rules do not apply anymore, what once was is no longer and will never again be. Digital transformation is not a choice but a fact all around us, changing our habits and our day to day. I believe that this is only the beginning, that the world will even more visibly and intensively change and I know that I am not alone in this belief.

In all of this, humanity has but two options. To lament over the old times, or to adapt to the new one – making an effort to get to know, understand and accept and live, in the best way possible, the new reality that is here to stay. We choose the second option. That is why it’s no surprise that, without a second thought, we equipped Balkan cinema with VR equipment which, aside from everything else that it is, represents a new artistic medium.

There is no innovation where art will not find its place, and this is clearly visible with virtual reality where man and machine are connected, both in abstract and real terms, opening opportunities for completely new ways in which art is consumed. Also important, as new media artists have stated, it was only with the introduction of digital technologies and expansion of space and image possibilities, that artist where given the opportunity to step into the endless spaces of their imagination and to taste the freedom of creation in completely new dimensions.

This year, documentary features enthusiasts had the opportunity to enjoy and experience, in a special way, five features from the VR selection. Four authors – Jan Kounen, Diego Kompel, Ana Knezevic and Milad Tangshir approached virtual reality as an artistic medium by using all of its capacities, and visitors where able to experience these features through Balkan cinema’s VR equipment, at Balkan cinema. Documentary film enthusiasts where able to get familiar with the unique work functioning within the virtual reality world.

We are thankful to the Beldocs festival for entrusting the Sasa Marceta foundation and Balkan cinema with their VR selection which, we believe, will soar even higher in the following years, captivating even more film lovers.

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