Do we really know what social responsibility is?

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Not long ago, I was sitting with some people when a discussion about social responsibility was raised. Although these people were not my close friends I was ready to hear their opinion. Interestingly, the loudest were those who, according to my opinion, did not have the justification for such behaviour. This is a very common picture today, particularly on social networks – the loudest are those who actually know the least about the given topic.

I do not usually react to such discussions, not because I got used to them, but because I consider them to be a waste of energy. The story went on, and at one moment we all gave arguments and examples of social responsibility, which, it turned out, was not so bad. Namely, one guy who presented himself as the greatest benefactor (I have no right to be doubtful) was actually the worst employer. This is something that everyone sitting at the table at that moment knew. However, his story had not been disputable until another guy said that he highly appreciated all the benefactions to the community, but still considered regular, stable and good salaries that he provided to be the greatest social responsibility. It was a real example of a situation when people fall into their own trap, without being pushed by someone else.

The conclusion of this meeting is that once in a while we should first look at ourselves, our “yard”, what we do, and if everything is fine, it is quite all right to go further. And donate. Looking at the responsibility from that angle, things in our company are set up perfectly well. Employees have a regular salary, the opportunity to improve whenever they want (I will write in detail about examples of people who rapidly advanced on another occasion), and have excellent working conditions.

With the priest of the Church of The Holy Prophet Ilija

In addition, MaxBet employees show their social responsibility, too. That’s the “next level” in the work I appreciate. On several occasions this year all of us from the company donated blood. We also organized the action With all the hearts and resolved some long-standing problems in the institutions where children suffering from different diseases are treated. I personally like to give a contribution outside the company wherever it is necessary. I decided that in November this would be the church in Sremski Karlovci dedicated to the Holy Prophet Ilija. My donation will not solve all their problems, but it will be a contribution, and I hope, motivation to others. That’s my point of view. If each of us offers just a little of something, the probability of solving the problem is much greater than doing it ourselves. Just remember how many ill children were sent abroad for treatment owing to the messages of 100 or 200 dinars which the majority of people can give. It is this power of untidiness and high collective consciousness. Holidays are approaching, and perhaps it is the right time to think about the concept of social responsibility. In the meantime, I will share details from the inside of the church that left the impression on me.

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