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Some times are more challenging than others. I think that it is safe to say that the last 6 months were extremely challenging due to COVID-19. The state of emergency, quarantine, working from home, fearing for our health…

To remain on the path of humaneness and solidarity during such times, is a must. This is why I am proud to emphasize the fact that MaxBet’s humanitarian team, helmed by Goran Samolovac, successfully and safely organized voluntary blood donations during the state of emergency.

Goran Samolovac, the head of MaxBet humanitarian team

All was organized while in accordance with the guidance issued by the Institute of Public Health and the Blood Transfusion Institute. Aside from disinfecting the premises where the activity took place, we also took additional preventive measures in order to ensure the safety of all participants, and I used this opportunity to renew my regular blood donor status.

Goran Samolovac, the organizer of MaxBet’s humanitarian guerilla and the man at the front of our multiple voluntary blood donations, has taken a step further this year – he will be a participant at the three day long Counseling with the organizers of voluntary blood donations and voluntary blood donors.

Therefore, we are entering the new season resolved to expand and bring this type of humanitarian cause up to an even higher level. Because Life is blood.

Santa Max visited Serbia

Gifting is an art because the gift encompasses the best wishes, feelings, and messages.

Our Santa Max visited the maternity hospital in Pančevo, where he made 10 babies and their parents happy.
We wish you many happy babies in New Year!

The Daycare Centre for children and young people with disabilities was an unavoidable station of Santa Max. These lovely young people welcomed us, chatted with us and gave us the most beautiful gift, their joint work of art. I’m very flattered and proud that it is their artwork that adorns my office.

The Drop- in shelter for the street involved children in Belgrade was our last destination.

Let’s make together a New Year resolution: not to be socially responsible only for holidays, but to try to make at least one person happy every day, to think of others and their needs, to be always and first and foremost humane.


The awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation has not been fully developed yet. Our company is socially responsible and as an owner, I personally want to show that empathy and care for others is very important. There is no substitute for blood, and people who need transfusion do not have time to wait. It is important to know that blood is not usable after a long time since some blood elements lose their properties after 5 days of donation. And there is the constant need for voluntary blood donors. Personally, I think it is important to be active in our micro-environments and to change the world starting from ourselves.
Our company regularly organizes voluntary blood donation campaigns. The last action was held on 19th September 2018. at MaxBet headquarters. I am proud of my employees and that together we managed to contribute to someone’s better tomorrow.
Judging by the photos we had a great time together, too.
I also claim that we will not give up, as we will continue to fight and remind people how important humanity is. I invite all of you to do the same because when united in goodness we can achieve a lot.

As a rule, the last days of the year are rather stressful. We analyze what we have achieved, check (again and again) whether the plans for the next year unmistakably lead us to the desired goal, and so in a circle. There is no dilemma all these are the obligations that must be completed. However, no matter how occupied with the work we are, there are many more positive things that we in MaxBet do not give up at any price.

Being aware of the responsibility towards the youngest, as well as of the fact that while we are dealing with calculations, they are eagerly awaiting Santa, we have decided to make this holiday a little different and nicer for them. Therefore, this year presents for children will be given by a different Santa Claus – Santa Max. For the kids of our employees, Santa is always an attraction, and every time they have a great time and go back home smiling we know we have succeeded. This year we have set up another goal – to visit the Institute for Health Protection of Child and Youth Health Care, Vojvodina, in Novi Sad. New Year’s presents were donated to children at the Departments of Hematology and Oncology and at the two Emergency Centres of the Institute. I want to believe that we have contributed just a little to make this year’s holidays more beautiful to them.

In the end, I need to remind you of one important thing. You cannot buy anybody with a gift, because you give a gift. In other words, the most expensive gifts are those given from your heart, not the most expensive ones.

Happy Holidays!

Saša Marčeta

– There are no coincidences in life. If they still exist, then they are just few.  

Not long ago, I was sitting with some people when a discussion about social responsibility was raised. Although these people were not my close friends I was ready to hear their opinion. Interestingly, the loudest were those who, according to my opinion, did not have the justification for such behaviour. This is a very common picture today, particularly on social networks – the loudest are those who actually know the least about the given topic.

I do not usually react to such discussions, not because I got used to them, but because I consider them to be a waste of energy. The story went on, and at one moment we all gave arguments and examples of social responsibility, which, it turned out, was not so bad. Namely, one guy who presented himself as the greatest benefactor (I have no right to be doubtful) was actually the worst employer. This is something that everyone sitting at the table at that moment knew. However, his story had not been disputable until another guy said that he highly appreciated all the benefactions to the community, but still considered regular, stable and good salaries that he provided to be the greatest social responsibility. It was a real example of a situation when people fall into their own trap, without being pushed by someone else.

The conclusion of this meeting is that once in a while we should first look at ourselves, our “yard”, what we do, and if everything is fine, it is quite all right to go further. And donate. Looking at the responsibility from that angle, things in our company are set up perfectly well. Employees have a regular salary, the opportunity to improve whenever they want (I will write in detail about examples of people who rapidly advanced on another occasion), and have excellent working conditions.

With the priest of the Church of The Holy Prophet Ilija

In addition, MaxBet employees show their social responsibility, too. That’s the “next level” in the work I appreciate. On several occasions this year all of us from the company donated blood. We also organized the action With all the hearts and resolved some long-standing problems in the institutions where children suffering from different diseases are treated. I personally like to give a contribution outside the company wherever it is necessary. I decided that in November this would be the church in Sremski Karlovci dedicated to the Holy Prophet Ilija. My donation will not solve all their problems, but it will be a contribution, and I hope, motivation to others. That’s my point of view. If each of us offers just a little of something, the probability of solving the problem is much greater than doing it ourselves. Just remember how many ill children were sent abroad for treatment owing to the messages of 100 or 200 dinars which the majority of people can give. It is this power of untidiness and high collective consciousness. Holidays are approaching, and perhaps it is the right time to think about the concept of social responsibility. In the meantime, I will share details from the inside of the church that left the impression on me.

In 2017, we launched a socially responsible campaign “With all the heart”. The goal of the campaign is to help institutions dealing with the care and treatment of children From the beginning of the campaign, air conditioners have been donated to the Institute for Psychophysiological Disorders and Speech Pathology Belgrade, the Centre for Children with Special Needs “Kolevka” in Subotica, and the Day Center for The Mentally Handicapped “Our Story” in Zrenjanin. SviWith all the heart!
In addition to showing social responsibility in the form of financial aid to healthcare institutions, and support for successful athletes, the company MaxBet motivates its employees to express humanity. So, in the cities where our company operates, very often, the actions “Life is blood” are organized in which our employees voluntarily donate blood. This year, such actions were organized in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kruševac, Niš. Donate blood – it’s important!
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