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We are satisfied and ready for 2018

– „You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself“ – In one of the previous posts I wrote about the importance of having valuable and high-quality people in the team, those who are not motivated solely by the goals of the company, but also by the desire to personally advance. I think it’s equally important to consider yourself as a good team player and an individual who needs to develop on his own plan. Because if you have the feeling that you constantly give and create something to someone and that people use you, and at the same time you do not see all the space in which you can progress, over time such a feeling can turn into a kind of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction further leads to a bad atmosphere among people, unsatisfactory results, and in the end, nobody feels good. So, the point is from which angle we observe our personal possibilities. Of course, it is also important in what type of company and environment we work. There are no such “hard feelings” and limitation of personal development of employees in MaxBet. The measure of our team is to be (in the first place) a good person, not to know the boundaries of development and to have the attitude of “no hard feelings”. In such an atmosphere, as a founder, I have much greater responsibility to encourage people in the team, reward them for contributing to the development of the company and motivate them to always look ahead. I saw the end of the last business year as an excellent moment for the company to reward all the hard working employees with new cars. Their positive reactions to the delivery of the cars were sufficient satisfaction and confirmation for me that in the future they will all feel more comfortable and do the job they love more easily.
This is also an introduction to all investments that we expect in 2018, with the ultimate goal of further development and better positioning of the company on the market Colleagues, let all future drives be happy to you! Saša Marčeta

Yesterday’s conference “Economist: The World in 2018”, which was held in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, would definitely be classified as one of the most important events in 2017.

In addition to the fact that the conference gathered representatives of the Government of Serbia, ministers, and ambassadors in one place, it was more than useful to listen to presentations on topics such as “Europe and the world against the challenges of terrorism, global warming and potential new crisis hot spots”, “Energy Sustainability of Serbia” “Regional development from the perspective of domestic corporation”, “Cultural diplomacy in the digital age” and others..

Experts in their own fields believe that we have better times ahead. It is logical that all of us, both the employees and the employers are in the interest of the state going forward. I would say that the foreign capital and the arrival of large companies create the atmosphere of new challenges. After this conference, another conclusion is imposed – we have to work harder on our competitiveness, market impact, introduce new solutions (many of them are widely applied globally and give results), and more deeply analyze the results achieved.

More work on your own company and resources, without wasting energy on unnecessary things. I have recently written about this, let us remind HERE. In the end, I hope that in 2018 the state will primarily take care of “its own yard,” and that it will, even more, pay more attention to its citizens, the economy and all vital segments.

Saša Marčeta

How Maršal connected generations

Creating brands within our company is one of the most interesting segments of work. However, the creation of the brand “MARŠAL”, the whole story, and the concept, was definitely something special. The fact is that we looked for an idea, a motive that has no exclusive elements of a new, modern era, but also something that reminds us nostalgically of previous decades. Historical figures are always a strong inspiration for creating brands, but it is important to find a striking, “domestic” personality, as such a person usually draws more attention and even empathy. Actually, we decided to connect generations.

Maršal was an exceptional person. We took into account all the characteristics of his (and our) era: five-pointed stars, relay, pioneers, features of the SFRY (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), such as the famous coat of arms, and a lot of red colour. We could not omit “Milicija” at all. Just remember how much time was needed to get used to today’s name “police”.

So, all the details that made up the story “Maršal” were implemented in the new casino chain. It looked very good in the terrain. Young, new generation found all this to be “very cool”. Older generation, too, found it to be interesting, but in some different way.

The first outdoor casino in Niš was something new for all of us, despite a long experience in this field. We were all happy with the goal we achieved – we got more than just a casino. Soon, guest reactions confirmed that we had done the right thing, and that was the direction we were moving in the ensuing period

After Niš, Casino “Maršal” was opened in Aleksandrovac, Novi Sad, Subotica, Lazarevac, and Kruševac.

We patiently waited for 29th November this year to open two casinos, one in Kraljevo and another in Vrnjačka Banja. Everything was in the sign of the old Yugoslavia on that day. Wearing Maršal’s uniform was a special experience for me. It was fascinating how many people were delighted when they saw me in the street, there was no way I could go unnoticed. And most importantly, wherever we appeared – we cheered people up. That was the essence.

It was a special honor to meet the general of the old Yugoslavia, who came in his uniform to the party in Vrnjačka Banja.

The brand „Maršal“gained recognition, but this story is at the very beginning. We have a lot of plans for the future. In the meantime, if you have not visited Maršal yet, I invite you to be our guests. Experience something new!

Saša Marčeta

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In the right place at the right time

I have recently met a longtime acquaintance in Belgrade, and we have exchanged several sentences in quite a hurry. He said quickly that he had a lot of obligations and that “he must go to a reception tonight, but he despises such events.” He rolled his eyes and in a few minutes I saw him get into the car raising his hand, which meant “see you”. I do not even know why this sentence occupied me the whole day. Generally speaking, for business people, going to lectures, receptions, celebrations of important dates is important, although they are not priority in our daily schedule of obligations, First of all, these events are usually not open, and the list of invited people is probably based on some criteria, and that is why it is not polite not to show up if you are expected. You will certainly not be more important or untouchable by not coming to an event. If I had gone only to those places that were pleasant to me, I would probably not have 30-40% of partners today. That is the key. All these invitations were an opportunity not only to meet new people and potential partners but also to introduce my company. There were probably receptions and meetings that did not yield results, but I do not remember that they were unpleasant or meaningless. I met important people and used the opportunity to talk to them, offer cooperation, and learn something new. It is the direct contact that you cannot achieve through an email, LinkedIn and all other electronic types of communication. Therefore, do not avoid opportunities – take advantage of them. Saša Marčeta

Although we often think that our biggest enemy is “somebody else “on the market that operates in the same industry and may “eat a piece of our cake,” for all real fighters, it is not a real obstacle. I often have the opportunity to see how people endure and struggle with it, some of them very successfully, but unfortunately, there are those who let to be surrendered.

Each of us has a reason to let the ego rule, but what is achieved? I have always asked myself what I would get if I adopted a superior attitude towards others, and in this way, tried to be untouchable. First of all, I would create a picture of a hostile person trying to make two sides – one on which I myself would be, and the other one reserved for all other people. I’ve never even tried to see how it would be. The idea itself is horrifying to me. Secondly, I was thinking about those life issues and laws that we cannot have an impact on. A man is a powerful being, but not an almighty one. Not to the extent that he can, one day, prevent the situation to turn against him. Errors that our ego can make are sometimes paid much more. Can we turn the ego to work for our benefit? Certainly yes, but it requires exhaustive work on our own personality.

Vanity may be even more dangerous. While in some situations the ego can push a person forward constantly to be better, vanity can seriously endanger business, sometimes it can even destroy companies. If vanity pushes us to such risks, for example, not to appraise other people’s success, we can bring ourselves and our company into a state of exhaustion, collapse, and finally crash.

My opinion, but also the advice to the young people who start the job, is that there is room for everyone in this world, as well as in the market. If you spend time and energy continually peeking at what others are doing and how they are progressing, your success will be in the same place.

I am personally proud of the fact that at some of the leading positions in MaxBet there are those people who at first performed simple tasks. Someone would say – “not promising ones”. But, the truth is different. You must, first of all, recognize in people their good side, and then their abilities and capacities. I was motivated by the fact that I watched from aside how they grew and become more satisfied with themselves. Give everyone the opportunity to prove, to express that which the best in them is, and invest in every person, that is a good feeling, satisfaction. The atmosphere in MaxBet is such that it requires an individual to think not only about his own development, but about team development as well. That is why I consider my team of people to be the greatest success. I am grateful to them for everything they did, both for themselves and for the company.

Saša Marčeta

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