The awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation has not been fully developed yet. Our company is socially responsible and as an owner, I personally want to show that empathy and care for others is very important. There is no substitute for blood, and people who need transfusion do not have time to wait. It is important to know that blood is not usable after a long time since some blood elements lose their properties after 5 days of donation. And there is the constant need for voluntary blood donors. Personally, I think it is important to be active in our micro-environments and to change the world starting from ourselves.
Our company regularly organizes voluntary blood donation campaigns. The last action was held on 19th September 2018. at MaxBet headquarters. I am proud of my employees and that together we managed to contribute to someone’s better tomorrow.
Judging by the photos we had a great time together, too.
I also claim that we will not give up, as we will continue to fight and remind people how important humanity is. I invite all of you to do the same because when united in goodness we can achieve a lot.
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