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I bet on us

I am so glad to say that I have two families, the one where I am a proud father of three children, and the business one consisting of 2.000 people.

It is often forgotten that people are the most important aspect of the business. The price of this is high, and the consequences can be great. It is therefore important to take care of the employees and the company’s climate, as well as about interpersonal relationships.

One of the ways to maintain the positive energy, interpersonal relationships and the spirit of the company is Team Building. Max team stayed at Zlatibor in May.

The three unforgettable days were filled with socializing, playing, having fun, sports and adrenaline. Our great lecturers, from Pipls agency, planned the programme of our Team Building to the tiniest detail.

Often, employees complain of such events, fearing from uninteresting lectures accompanied by a strict eye of bosses and directors. I’m glad we have proved that it can be different!

We work as one, we think and live for the same goal, grow and learn together. That is why our internal slogan is:


Kladi Se Na Nas
Kladi Se Na Nas 005
Kladi Se Na Nas 006
Kladi Se Na Nas 007
Kladi Se Na Nas 008
Kladi Se Na Nas 009
Kladi Se Na Nas 010
Kladi Se Na Nas 014
Kladi Se Na Nas 015
Kladi Se Na Nas 011
Kladi Se Na Nas 012
Kladi Se Na Nas 013

Youth Day

On 25 May Maršal Casino celebrated Youth Day. Caps, gifts for our players and a great atmosphere throughout Serbia in all Maršal Casinos have become synonyms for this day.

Traditionally, I wear Maršal’s uniform every year. The enthusiastic faces of people on the streets show that the company is doing the right thing. All segments of society, our history, and the future are important to us.

Maršal is a brand that connects generations, launches fun, writes unfinished stories and returns positive energy. But this is just a beginning. I have much more to do in the future.  If you have not been our guests so far, I invite you to come to the nearest Maršal Casino. Let it go and experience something completely different!

When working, we do our best, and we understand the fun equally seriously. Life is a serious matter, but it’s an eternal game as well!

Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 003
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 004
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 005
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 006
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 007
Dan Mladosti Sasa Marceta 008

Art & Fashion

My wish is that Saša Marceta Foundation impartially supports all aspects of art. Our goal is to build a bridge that will connect Serbia with the world.

That is why we joined forces with the agency Factory this time and held Art & Fashion event in Cinema Balkan in May.

On the first night Cinema Balkan was transformed into the famous Ritz Hotel. Thanks to the play “A little black dress”, the actresses Rada Đuričin and Vjera Mujović evoked the life of Coco Chanel.

On the second night, there was a fashion show by the creator of high fashion Italo Marseligia, during which the  performances “ZINAIDA & LE TROIANE” and “ANNA CAPPELLI ADORA AND BAUSTELLE”, directed by Rossano Giuppe were performed. Italo, as a costume designer, presented his visions and inspirations for creations. The role of Jelena Trojanska was played by Tamara Aleksic, while in the second performance, Bianca Nappi played the main role. The audience was delighted!

 Jelena Mihajlović (Jelle Cello) presented her new album „ Search for Magic Cello“.

I am proud that Cinema Balkan was the epicenter of New ARTmosphere this time again! 

Interestingly, our guests were for the first time in Serbia, and we did our best to make sure it was certainly not the only one.

Saša Marčeta Foundation is committed to achieving a generally useful goal, fighting for all the generations to come. We believe in victory!

Art And Fashion Marceta 001
Art And Fashion Marceta 002
Art And Fashion Marceta 003
Art And Fashion Marceta 004
Art And Fashion Marceta 005
Art And Fashion Marceta 006
Art And Fashion Sasa Marceta
Art And Fashion Sasa Marceta 001
Art And Fashion Marceta 007

The First MaxBet Conference: No change – no growth

The First MaxBet Conference called No change – no growth was held in April. For all these years of our existence, we have proven that hard work, effort and dedication are worthwhile. Of course, a little bit of luck was necessary. We spun the roulette cylinder and hit the number directly.

We have created a company consisting of over 2,000 employees. The company that has expanded its business beyond the borders of Serbia and Europe. The company that has an online business that has opened the new window to the world.

Our great concern is that our employees grow, develop and work on themselves together with  the company. MaxBet is developing and setting standards for the entire gaming industry.

Personally, I am very proud of my team, their smiling faces, devoted work, and their desire for progress and success have thrilled me. MaxBet is always with its people, and our goal is to grow as a family, empowered with the highest quality people. One of them is Minja Bolesnikov, our new CEO. Welcome! Thanks to all the guests and lecturers, who have shared their observations and experience from their path of success and development.

March ART festival of the performance Voices in us

March ART festival of the performance “Voices in Us” was held from 29-31 March in Cinema Balkan.

Saša Marčeta Foundation independently organized and produced this festival, which selected domestic and foreign performers who realized a series of independent performances. The programme of the festival dealt with the identification of the problems of today, considered the issue of identity, physicality, closeness, and communion. Through movement, sound, noise …

The selection of performances was made by the Expert Board of Saša Marčeta Foundation: Stevan Vuković, Dragan Zdravković and Ksenija Samardžija.

The performances were realized successively, at different levels of Cinema Balkan and through different dynamics.

In the first two days of the festival Branko Milisković, Sara Kostić, Marco Nektan, Grupa 04, Dejan Atanacković, and Manja Ristić performed in complex production and realization.

Video works were also an integral part of the festival programme, they represent the previous experience of the artist. A video work, such as Body Prayers by Sara Kostić, detects a social obsession with the cult of the body, which is transferred from the desired position to any type of position while retaining the characteristics of the obsession.

There was also the premier presentation of the video work by Marco Nektan and East Princess Verlorena Gotter in front of the Belgrade audience, which actualizes the position of artists from Eastern and Western Europe through the motive of the fall of the Berlin Wall. That was it, the project by Sanja Latinović in the form of audio-visual portraits of seven artists through personal research with the aim to provide a better understanding and a clearer picture of the reality that emerging artists encounter after completing their academic studies.

The last day of the festival provided relaxation to all visitors with light and sound effects. We enjoyed the joint performances of the Incredible Bob and Kir, WoO, Manja Ristić and Mirian Kolev, Umbra, Matej Rusmir and Andria.

A special surprise was the DJ duo from Berlin, Kotelett & Zadak. They first presented themselves to the Belgrade audience and highlighted the closing of the festival. Cinema Balkan hosted more than 500 people in these three days and we receive praise from all over the world.

The cultural monument represents the testimony of human history. Our goal is that Cinema Balkan remains in the epicenter of events, reminds people that it is still possible to change the atmosphere in ARTmosphere through joint work and commitment, as well as encourages our talents. Moreover, our actions should prove that there are some of us who take culture more seriously!

Branko Milisković
Branko Milisković
Sara Kostić
Sara Kostić
Grupa 04
Manja Ristić i Dejan Atanacković
Manja Ristić i Dejan Atanacković
Marko Nektan
Marko Nektan
Manja Ristić & EUERPI
Matej Rusmir i Andria
Kotelett & Zadak

Photo Credit: Marija Konjikušić

New ARTmosphere in Prague

“ All you need is love. “ – John Lennon

Love is the driving force of everything, and my love for art is exactly the fundamental reason why I founded Saša Marčeta Foundation. 

In March, an event MEET ART was organized, bringing together artists from around the world to create a joint artwork on the Lennon Wall in Prague, on an area of ​​150m2.

In cooperation with the authors of the project “LASKA” (LOVE), the participants painted the entire wall, and one of the main motives was the title of John Lennon’s song “All you need is LOVE” which was translated into 30 world languages.

The oldest MEET ART participant was the sculptor Kurt Gebauer, the author of the symbolic heart in the square Vaclav Havel. Then artists Matej Forman, Matyash Chochola, Jakub Berdych, street artist ZEB ONE, students of the Michael art school, poets and writers, including creative economist Tomaš Sedlaček, as well as many others.

The Republic of Serbia was represented by Ksenija Samardžija, a curator and art historian, Verica Sujić, director of Saša Marčeta Foundation, and me personally.

The man responsible for mutual cultural and artistic connection and the future exchange and cooperation of our artists with the Czech Republic is Tomaš Kuhta, the new ambassador of the Czech Republic in Serbia.

The friendship between Serbia and the Czech Republic has become a part of history, and I am very proud that they have just chosen us!

Artmosfera Prag 2019 001
Artmosfera Prag 2019 002
Artmosfera Prag 2019 004
Artmosfera Prag 2019 007
Artmosfera Prag 2019 005
Artmosfera Prag 2019 006
Artmosfera Prag 2019 003
Artmosfera Prag 2019 008
Artmosfera Prag 2019 009

Santa Max visited Serbia

Gifting is an art because the gift encompasses the best wishes, feelings, and messages.

Our Santa Max visited the maternity hospital in Pančevo, where he made 10 babies and their parents happy.
We wish you many happy babies in New Year!

The Daycare Centre for children and young people with disabilities was an unavoidable station of Santa Max. These lovely young people welcomed us, chatted with us and gave us the most beautiful gift, their joint work of art. I’m very flattered and proud that it is their artwork that adorns my office.

The Drop- in shelter for the street involved children in Belgrade was our last destination.

Let’s make together a New Year resolution: not to be socially responsible only for holidays, but to try to make at least one person happy every day, to think of others and their needs, to be always and first and foremost humane.

Each game brings a risk. Convinced that through the game something can be learned, we go through life creating anecdotes. They are for our benefit, and those who have not had the courage to play can only retell our anecdotes and live our lives.


During the manifestation “The Street of the open heart”, an exhibition “Anecdotes”, by Marko Crnobrnja, was held at Cinema Balkan and organized by Saša Marčeta Foundation.
The exhibition “Anecdote” was my New Year’s gift to Belgrade. The river of people with red noses at the end of their walk for better Belgrade entered Cinema Balkan.
Thanks everyone for accepting the gift and visiting us the first morning of the year. Together we wrote an unusual anecdote.

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We did that as well. Yesterday we announced to the public that Cinema “Balkan” would be one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade in autumn of 2020. And we are working hard on this now – reconstruction is being done, and the architects are taking care of every move. But in the days of FEST it was more important for me to declare that the cinema building, the door of which will be opened to all culture admirers, will be returned to Belgrade. I see “Balkan” as my big task in the next two years, and in the future, not only as my own endowment but the endowment of my children as well.

Considering the fact that the building was erected between 1867. and 1870., and declared as a cultural monument in 1984., the whole reconstruction is in the hands of the profession and the competent institutions – the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade and the City Secretariat for Culture. As an investor, I want this place in the heart of Belgrade to shine in a special way in two years.

The essence of the new concept is the modernization of the object that has a long and valuable history. The cinema hall will be multifunctional, and apart from film projections, other cultural contents will be organized as well. Therefore, the cinema seats will not be fixed. The plan is that this multipurpose space will be the center for concerts, festivals, exhibitions of large sculptures, fashion shows, and modern-day performances.

We will also make a cafe, specially designed space that will be connected with the hall.

The conference that we held yesterday in the cinema hall was the opportunity for us to show the model of the future Cinema Balkan to the representatives of the media and conference guests. Judging by the reactions, our idea is excellent and everybody showed a sincere desire to gather again in this space as soon as possible in front of the movie screen and some good premiere.

Saša Marčeta

Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta1
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta2
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta3
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta4
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta5
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta6
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta7
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta8
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta9
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta12
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta15
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta16
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta20
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta13
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta14
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta17
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta10
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta11
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta18
Bioskop Balkan Beograd Sasa Marceta19

Nothing is worthy unless you take a risk

One of the ideas because of which the blog was created was to be able to transfer my own experience, and try to direct young people to overcome some obstacles more easily when they get into their own business.

An important lesson that has to be mastered adequately and as soon as possible is the readiness to make decisions. It’s often associated with risk- taking but I wrote about it in previous posts – nothing is worthy unless you take a risk, even when you are aware that failure may be behind that risk. Failure is also a part of business development and as important as the victories and successes are

An important lesson that has to be mastered adequately and as soon as possible is the readiness to make decisions. It’s often associated with risk- taking but I wrote about it in previous posts – nothing is worthy unless you take a risk, even when you are aware that failure may be behind that risk. Failure is also a part of business development and as important as the victories and successes are.If I need to say how I make decisions, I would admit it is a quick, “short cut”. Waiting could not be attributed to me, especially when other people are dependent on my decision. It does not mean that I say “yes” and “no” in a second and without thinking, but I do not allow myself to go into the agony of weighing, thinking, and indecisiveness. The more you measure, the more difficult everything will be, especially if you are indecisive by nature. In that case, one choice will seem right to you today, tomorrow it will be wrong and the other one will be good, and so on endlessly. Learn to bite. Of course, I do not encourage you to make your decisions without thinking, but do not get frustrated with your own insecurity. So, quick decision-making does not necessarily imply reckless decision-making. You have to have a plan, and make plans, too, (remember General Eisenhower and the sentence “A plan is nothing, planning is everything”), and somehow try to project what you can expect after the decision. Another thing that can help you is that you should not perceive everything that comes on the business road in front of you as a problem. Observe everything as a challenge, and you will see how much it will be easier. That’s a good viewing angle. See HERE how everything has been going on – the decision after the decision, and I cannot say it was easy. However, if, at some point, I had seen all those decisions, that inevitably led to the results, as affliction and had been indecisive, the list of accomplishments would have been much shorter 😉

Never forget that it does not matter if you fall. It is important how much you are willing to stand up. If you are prone to a quick recovery, to get back even stronger, then you are ready for fight and challenges. If each failure further embarrasses you, then consider whether what you are doing is the right thing for you. A job must be a pleasure. And a great game, just like life!

Saša Marčeta



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