A family within the MaxBet family

It is not for nothing that we insist on and emphasize the word family. It is a well known fact that we consider all our employees to be part of a family we care about and invest into. But, the story does not end there.

MaxBet Group is not only a system that functions as a family, but individual families are intertwined with the system. As per our statistics a 15% of all MaxBet employees have a family member also employed with the Group. Why is this important? Because I believe that the fact that our employees want to recommend their work atmosphere to their loved ones speaks volumes about the Group. It is my opinion that those moments further strengthen the relationship between employer and employees. What I do know for certain is that of this I am extremely proud.

When speaking about families I must mention something that makes me even prouder. A 29% of all MaxBet employees have welcomed a child during their engagement with MaxBet Group. We all know that an addition to the family is an extraordinary thing. However, it is also something often postponed until a “better time” comes, mainly due to the unreliability of a current work situation and fear that a child will come during a time of uncertainty, when plans for the future are hard to make. The fact that our employees feel safe and that they know their new and growing families will also feel safe within MaxBet is to me a strong sign that we are on the right path:

A path that recognizes and honors true values. A path on which every individual feels safe and ready to plan their future and the future of their primary family within the MaxBet family.

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