Life is a game

I am a great admirer of the personality and work of Nikola Tesla. His statement that he played all his life, and so playing, created, motivated me to think in that direction. When it became the motto of my company, everything became different. Considering the nature of the work, all of us on the team, think a lot about the game. We struggle for it to be fair and responsible.

Life is a game!

I have the vision to make the world better. I am very aware of the possibility that borders shift if a lot of work is invested. There are also denials and a kind of inevitable, implicit pain that is in some way present in each growth and development.

Now, when someone asks me whether I am happy, I am glad to say that I am. Behind progress and success, there is worthwhile and persistent work, and this is the only "recipe" I adhere to on the way to achieve goals. I have found a way to enjoy everything I do and live. A lot of people, contacts, travel, music. Having gone through the process of creating a company, I realized what all those who accept the challenge of being the leaders realized, too - that there is a "secret" for every business success. My secret is that I unselfishly invested in the team of people in whom I always found something good and specific, thus trying to connect them.  

Today I can say that I have two families, the one where I am a proud father of three children, and the business one consisting of 1500 people.

Innovative artistic expression – VR film

The world change is unstoppable. Old rules do not apply anymore, what once was is no longer and will never again be. Digital transformation is not a choice but a fact all around us, changing our habits and our day to day. I believe that this is only the beginning, that the world will even more visibly and intensively change and I know that I am not alone in this belief. In all of this, humanity has but two options. To lament over the old times, or to adapt to the new one – making an effort to get to know, understand and accept and live, in the best way possible, the new reality that is here to stay. We choose ...

Street art in Balkan Cinema

Art cannot be put in a mold, cannot be guided by rules, or framed. That is why the fact that, at the end of August, we opened the doors of Balkan Cinema to the artists shaping the local street art scene, is so important to me. Their art initially begins on the streets, but these days it was to be seen on the walls of Balkan cinema. After the pause created by the situation we are all familiar with, the cinema was again pulsating with a specific energy – the energy of creation through the project “Balkan live”. For two days, street artists painted canvases, panels and the walls of Balkan cinema, and all interested citizens were welcomed to witness ...

Excellent gaming experience a priority – cooperation between MaxBet and BetGames.TV

September is an important month  – the month of new projects, new ideas and the new, fall season. This is why I am especially happy with the fact that the MaxBet online team has exceptionally sailed into September. From now on, our online players will have the privilege of enjoying the games of the leading gambling provider – BetGames.TV. Why is this important? Because BetGames.TV is one of the most regulated providers of services within the live gaming sector, with license issued by multiple jurisdictions, including UGC, MGA and Italy as well as various South African gambling authorities, with pending certificates from Sweden and Colombia. Their games are authentic and innovative and I have no doubt that MaxBet players will ...

“Life is and will always remain an equation incapable of solution, but it contains certain known factors.”

Nikola Tesla


The company MaxBet was founded in 1997, under the name "JuKrijkos" in Zrenjanin. With years of work and great dedication, the young company has grown into a recognizable giant which got a new name – MaxBet in 2008 and moved to Novi Sad. Today the company is operating in many cities in Serbia, and the business has expanded to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, and in recent times, to Africa.


With its beautiful garden, top quality wine and a wide range of cocktails, Kafemat is one of the most popular places in the city. The specialties of the world cuisine are always available to guests - beefsteaks and other meat dishes, seafood dishes, pasta, and salads. During the weekend, Kafemat is the number 1 place for all those who want the good energy of world clubs and top DJ performances.

Fondacija Saša Marčeta

Sasa Marceta Foundation is a young non-profit organization founded with the aim of contributing to the development and popularization of culture, science, and art. By making the new concept of Cinema Balkan the foundation will represent support and dynamic link between artists, educators, urbanists, media, companies, the general public, and every individual, aiming at promoting cultural and artistic events.

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